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Smile! Now you can offer dental programs at an affordable price!


Providing employees with dental insurance options encourages regular dental visits, which can aid in the early detection of serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and osteoporosis.


A variety of dental options are available, including:


  • Traditional Dental Program – Members choose their own dentist
  • PPO Dental Program – Members choose a dentist within the PPO network for a higher level of coverage; or stay with their current dentist
  • HMO Dental Program – Members choose a Primary Care Dentist for all of their dental needs and receive a high level of benefits


When choosing a dental program, work with one of our benefits specialists to determine which program best fits your needs.  


Did you know:


  • Typical dental programs include an annual deductible (anywhere from $25 to $100) which applies to each covered member.
  • An annual maximum of covered benefits (anywhere from $1000 to $2000) per covered member often applies.  
  • Some HMO plans offer unlimited benefits.
  • Some plans include orthodontia coverage for children and adults.  
  • We can pair plans together to give your employees a choice of insurance programs that best fit their needs.
  • Dental benefits can be offered on a voluntary basis, where the employee pays a portion or all of the monthly premiums.